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Our favorite way to explore Vermont and get out in the woods is without question Mountain Biking! Vermont’s soil is naturally tacky, meaning grippy corners, loamy sections. and plenty of flow mixed in. We’ve put together routes from one hour to all day long, piecing together miles of trail and double track to hit all the best spots in the Valley!

We encourage you to explore any of the routes below for yourself using Trailforks, or book a tour with one of our professional guides who can put together the ideal itinerary for you. Need a bike? MTB demos are available from our bike shop, Riders Outpost!


Madbush Classic

Flowy climb and newschool descent finishing at Madbush.

  • DISTANCE: 8 mi (13 km)

  • VERTICAL: 1,158' (352m)

  • TRAIL TYPE: Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: A 75-90 minute ride that packs a punch! Similar to the Quick Hour with a more fun but longer climb up Evolution 2, and a longer descent down Enchanted Forest and Goodnight Irene. Climb up Revolution and Evolution 1 and 2.  Toward the top, Ev 2 flows and rolls... Read more


Best of the Valley’s flow

  • DISTANCE: 9 mi (21 km)

  • VERTICAL: 1,371' (568m)

  • TRAIL TYPE: Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: If you’re looking for MRV flow, this is the route for you. Plenty of flowy downhills and the climbing isn’t that bad, you can do it! Start with a smooth climb up Revolution and Evolution 1. At the major intersection at the top of Ev 1, cross back to Dana Hill Rd... Read more

all day epic

Big ride combining the best of Howe Block and Eurich Pond

  • DISTANCE: 18 mi (29 km)

  • VERTICAL: 3,196' (974 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE: Flow and tech

  • DESCRIPTION: For those who are looking for more than a taste of the local riding, this is the loop for you. The All Day Epic combines the classic, complicated, technical descents on Cyclone Clinic and Plum Line with a little flow mixed in on Evolution 2.   With just over 3,000 ft of climbing and about 15 miles of singletrack, this is a burly ride... Read more

The Masochist

A total beatdown of a ride touching nearly every trail

  • DISTANCE: 20 mi (32 km)

  • VERTICAL: 3,445' (1,050 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE: Flow and tech

  • DESCRIPTION: If you love to suffer, look no further. Nearly every trail in the local network linked together in the best way possible. We only leave out Goodnight Irene, because you can only descend to the valley floor once and “GNI” is too pleasurable for masochists... Read more

Freeride loop

Wind through Eurich Pond before bombing to the valley floor

  • DISTANCE: 8 mi (13 km)

  • VERTICAL: 1,142' (348 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE: Flow and tech

  • DESCRIPTION: A sweet shuttle loop that maximizes airtime and flow, cuts down the climbing and includes a mildly technical ridgeline traverse! Start from Eurich Pond (pronounced “Irish Pond”) with a quick climb up the smooth Swell Hill to Race, which is a sweet descent... Read more

Shuttle Bump

A shuttle lap that makes you work for it

  • DISTANCE: 9 mi (14 km)

  • VERTICAL: 1,060' (323 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow and tech

  • DESCRIPTION: A shuttle route that starts on the edge of the valley and descends all the way back to the river. An easy climb up Swell Hill will drop you at the top of Ridgie, a mildly techy trail that descends along a ridge and features sections with multiple options... Read more

Lazy Freerider

3x more descending than climbing!

  • DISTANCE: 6 mi (10 km)

  • VERTICAL: 466' (142 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow and tech

  • DESCRIPTION: The best descent to ascent Ratio you can find in the valley.  Starting at nearly 2,000’ and descending 1200’ all the way to the valley floor, this is a real slackcountry affair. From Summit Rd, Lower Woods Downhill feels like a bike park – big, steep tabletops and gaps... Read more

Lazy Flowrider

Shuttle the best of Howe Block

  • DISTANCE: 6 mi (10 km)

  • VERTICAL: 515' (156 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: Pedaling isn’t your thing but you love flowy downhills? A perfect thirty to sixty minute shuttle lap starting on Tucker Hill Rd, a convenient drop in point, and ending at Madbush Falls. Get a sample of what the valley has to offer as you bomb down Evolution... Read more

The really Lazy Flowrider

Yeah this ones all downhill…

  • DISTANCE: 4 mi (6 km)

  • VERTICAL: 314' (95 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: Don’t tell anybody you’re doing this, you lazy bum! It is fun though. From Tucker Hill Rd, head briefly up and then rocket down Enchanted Forest, which proves doubletrack can still be fun! Enchanted rolls... Read more

First timers loop

An intro to MTB

  • DISTANCE: 1 mi (1.6 km)

  • VERTICAL: 61' (19 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: A short and mellow loop at Blueberry Lake. The perfect spot for someone just getting used to a mountain bike. There is nothing technical to worry about and much of the trail is in a gorgeous open field. There’s a few fun, smooth switchbacks with small berms... Read more

Intermediate Loop

All aboard for mellow flow!

  • DISTANCE: 5 mi (8 km)

  • VERTICAL: 520' (160 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: Most of what Blueberry Lake has to offer but a little bit less climbing than doing the whole network. All the trails on this route are greens and perfect for the beginner to intermediate rider, but there is still plenty of fun to be had for a more experienced rider as well... Read more

Loopberry lake -
mad river Riders

All of Blueberry Lake!

  • DISTANCE: 7 mi (11 km)

  • VERTICAL: 680' (207 m)

  • TRAIL TYPE(S): Flow

  • DESCRIPTION: Blueberry Lake is true singletrack that wins for scenery, seclusion, and fun for all ages! From a stunning trailhead on the shores of Blueberry Lake, a fast, flowing loop includes a warmup on Tootsie Roll... Read more

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