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explore BY Gravel

There’s no better way to explore Vermont and take in the views than gravel riding! Vermont’s dirt roads are naturally tacky, meaning smooth roads and minimal dust. We’ve put together routes from one hour to all day long, piecing together miles of gorgeous roads with minimal traffic with some fun off-road connections. 

We encourage you to explore any of the routes below for yourself using RideWithGPS, or book a tour with one of our professional guides who can put together the ideal itinerary for you. Need a bike? Gravel bike demos are available from our bike shop, Riders Outpost!


power hour

Rigorous gorgeous ride if you’re tight on time

  • DISTANCE: 13 mi (22 km)

  • VERTICAL: 1,500ft (460m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: One hour until sunset?! This is the route for you! Everything is crammed into on hour: a killer workout climbing up along the Folsom Brook drainage onto the flanks of Scrag (elevation: 2874’)... Read more

The Great 8

Climber’s delight with big views

  • DISTANCE: 17 mi (27 km)

  • VERTICAL: 2,354' (717 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: This ride is a true Mad River Valley gem, piecing together low traffic gravel and off-road sections in a route with great variety. If you start off on the Power Hour and want more, this is how to add to it. Less than 10 minutes from Madbush, you’re already in the land of huge 360 degree views as you crest the first climb up Rolston Rd... read more

Warren Halfpipe

Big views from both sides of the Mad River Valley

  • DISTANCE: 17.5 mi (28 km)

  • VERTICAL: 2,440' (743 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mixed surfaces

  • DESCRIPTION: This creative route takes you along the Mad River on the Mad River Path, way up the lower flanks of the Green Mountains, back down to the Mad across a historic covered bridge, past Warren Village (refueling at the Warren Store and swimming in Freeman Brook)... Read more

Short and Steep

Climber’s delight with big views

  • DISTANCE: 19 mi (30 km)

  • VERTICAL: 2,750' (840 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: Don’t let the distance of this ride fool you. While 19 miles may not sound like the longest ride, this is definitely not an easy one. With multiple climbs averaging over 5% and one even topping 8% it certainly packs a punch. Luckily, with lots of climbing comes lots of good views and great downhills... Read more

Double Trouble

An all day epic and gap rider’s delight

  • DISTANCE: 34 mi (58 km)

  • VERTICAL: 4,700' (1,440 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: Named after the two large mountain passes you’ll ride over, this route is certainly one you’ll want to take your time on. The ride starts with a fairly steep 2,000 ft (600 m) climb over Roxbury Gap. Take some time at the top and enjoy the views of the Mad River Valley, before bombing down the other side... Read more

Cranko Solo Bien

A magical half-day ride that hits all of the highlights and covered bridges

  • DISTANCE: 31 mi (50 km)

  • VERTICAL: 4,400' (1,340 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: The shorter of the two 2023 Cranko De Mayo routes which have been modified to start and end at the front door of Madbush Falls. From the covered bridges of Warren and Waitsfield, to the rolling foothills of the Green Mountains, this route is sure to have something for everyone! Put together by experienced gravel grinders... Read more

Cranko Demasiado

An intentionally climbing heavy version of the Solo Bien

  • DISTANCE: 41 mi (66 km)

  • VERTICAL: 5,433' (1,656 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION: The longer of the two Cranko de Mayo routes leaving right from the driveway and immediately climbing to to the rim of the valley. There’s plenty of gravel, lots of views and multiple covered bridges along the way! It’s also monstrous, intentionally looping in every climb it can find and a particularly unique section past Blueberry Lake that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

How 'bout a century?

Do this and tell us how it is!

  • DISTANCE: 100 mi (160 km)

  • VERTICAL: 11,660' (3,553 m)

  • SURFACE TYPE: Mostly unpaved

  • DESCRIPTION:  By far the longest and dumbest ride we’ve come up with. This will be a mental and physical test taking you over four mountain passes, through National Forest service roads and plenty of world class views the whole way. Is this "the spirit of gravel"?

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