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Updated: 6 days ago

STARTING ON VALENTINE’S DAY AT MADBUSH FALLS, our ice cold waterfall and cold plunge is getting its steaming hot partner: SAVU! Perched in full view of Madbush Falls and Folsom Brook will be 2 saunas built and powered by Vermont’s own Savu, with large picture windows to take in the splendor. Inside the lodge, a lounge and changing area awaits to host locals, hotel guests, and anyone wanting to unplug, detox and experience the magic.


Each sauna can hold up to 6 people. Anyone can enjoy a private session for $70/hr for 2 people ($30 per additional person). 

EVERYONE can join Community Hour 5 days a week (Weds-Sun) at 5:30PM for $20 per person.

Savu is more than just a company that builds saunas. They’ve created a wellness experience focused on the cycle of hot, cold and relaxation, the perfect complement to any day adventuring in the Mad River Valley or unwinding at Madbush Falls. Their saunas are thoughtfully placed only in incredible places: on a mountainside in northern Vermont, on the Lake Champlain Waterfront at Hula, and now right in front of Madbush Falls. Savu’s vision, according to husband and wife Co-Founders Dave Nelson & Nicole Sweeney: “We believe that there shouldn’t be any limitations to where saunas can go and who can experience them. Edge of the ocean, top of a mountain deep in the forest….” And now, in front of the incredible Madbush Falls.

Unlike your typical “luxury spa experience”, these saunas aren’t buried inside a building next to an indoor pool and hot tub, and you don’t need to buy a $100 day pass just to use them.  Instead, come with a friend (or 5) and it’s less $35 per person, or show up for Community Hour and it’s $20 per person.

Savu and Madbush Falls are fully aligned in the approach of making incredible outdoor experiences awesome and accessible rather than exaggerated and luxurious.   We don’t need to add faux luxury and pampering to make memories, we just need to be here, together, with our friends and family, taking in our incredible surroundings with others who love and respect magical places like this one.

Nobody shows that love and respect in their work more than crew at Savu. We couldn’t be more excited to team up to help make amazing memories with Savu, and can’t wait for you to come roast and plunge!

Locals and the general public can reserve private sauna sessions and nightly community hour here. All hotel guests at Madbush Falls can book our Apres Package for $39 which includes Community Hour at Savu (nightly at 5:30PM) and a choice of any item off of our Apres Piste menu.  Hotel guests can reserve private sauna sessions with any hotel stay.


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