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Waking up by a babbling brook, taking a cold plunge, fueling up with hot coffee and breakfast, ripping around on bikes all day, cold plunging again, savoring a hearty meal, and going to sleep by the same babbling brook…that is the vision and inspiration that fed the development of Madbush Falls. Yet, as the realities of construction set in, we accepted that the camping part of that experience would have to wait until 2024. As luck would have it, Camp Rockaway and Madbush Falls found each other, and now it’s happening in our first season!

This summer and for many more to come, Camp Rockaway is bringing its family-friendly, authentic sustainable camping experience to Madbush Falls. Set up downstream of the waterfall along the shores of Folsom Brook, CR’s canvas tents come with comfortable beds, solar-powered lights, a covered outdoor patio with camp chairs and hammocks, and community space for chilling and gathering by the campfire with other campers. 

Like Madbush Falls itself, Camp Rockaway isn’t “glamping” focused on non-essential luxury, it’s “a comfortable basecamp for adventure and relaxation focused on creating family friendly experiences and increased engagement with the natural world.” Those are their words not ours, but they encapsulate our mission to share Vermont’s splendor with all who love to be outdoors. 

Since 2017, Camp Rockaway has perfected the art of adventure basecamp. Their name comes from their original location: Rockaway Beach along the ocean shore of New York City. For the past half-dozen years, any New Yorker could hop off the A Train at Rockaway Beach and transcend into a real outdoor adventure, with a beachside tent offering surfing, swimming and chilling around the campfire. Camp Rockaway moved north over time, most recently setting up on the shores of the Champlain Canal in Schuylerville, NY. 

Here at Madbush Falls, Camp Rockaway’s tents and communal fire pit fit perfectly both pondside and riverside. Campers will enjoy their outdoor homes and still get to walk across the lawn to a coffee house, bar, restaurant, and bike shop. Together with Camp Rockaway, we’ll create gathering spaces on the property like a campfire circle and community tent that will allow hotel guests, campers and locals alike to get together fireside and share the stoke. 

We couldn’t be more excited or feel more aligned with Camp Rockaway, and we hope you are too. Book a tent today!


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