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This weekend, we celebrate our trailside biking basecamp coming to life, thanks to the imagination and determination of the crew at the Outdoor Gear Exchange.

It took some real visionaries to believe that this:

…could turn into this:

What we’ve learned working with the OGE: nobody in their right mind would do this because they want to sell a few more bikes. Riders Outpost and OGE crew are driven by a desire to welcome more people into our amazing outdoors. In their own words, they envision “a world where everyone feels welcome and is able to experience the wonder, well-being, and adventure of the outdoors in the most fulfilling way possible.” Immediately trailside, we have a repair hub, wash station, bike fleet, knowledgeable staff who know local routes, and a vibe that makes everyone feel like they can be part of it.  

This weekend, everyone can be part of it. We’ll have free bike shuttles going all weekend, guided group rides from VMBA on Sunday, and a 3-day tent sale with the kind of deals that make expensive sports kinda affordable. 100% of the “roundup” donation will raise funds Mad River Riders.  We’ll have a raffle with a sweet $425 bike tune and 2-night stay at Madbush as a fundraiser for the VMBA Major Storm Recovery Fund, which helps out nearby communities that were less fortunate than we were in the July flooding.

On the deck all morning, we’ll serve up our full Brio coffee program, draft beer, and bloodies, bellinis, and spritzers along with sweet and savory pastries in the morning and our apres fare starting at 3.

The weather looks sunny, finally, all weekend! THIS is the weekend of the summer to come experience the wonder of  biking in the Mad River Valley. Hit us up for route recommendations, gear deals, and free shuttles, and come support a couple of amazing bike organizations that make it possible for all of us to enjoy Vermont singletrack.


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