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We are a group of Vermont “lifers” who love our state deeply and want to share it. Vermont is a place that everyone can enjoy. We created Madbush Falls to celebrate our trails, mountains, rivers, and incredible culture and community



Vermont offers the best riding in the world and it deserves a true HQ. We have the perfect loamy dirt, technical slab features, cool shaded woods, warm sunny pastures, quiet gravel roads, and views for miles. New school flow riding was practically invented in Vermont by an all-star list of trail builders, and the rooty technical old school stuff is as real as it ever was.   

Out the door of Madbush Falls is a brand new flow trail. Half a mile up the Mad River is one of the longest rowdiest and most complicated trails on any map anywhere. We sit trailside to days of top quality riding, and a season’s worth can be discovered within a short drive.


In Vermont, our trail networks stretch deep into Green Mountain National Forest, up ridgelines and along rivers and lakes. More importantly, they mix in with our villages and literally connect our communities. Our thousands of miles of trails are almost all volunteer-built and volunteer-maintained by over 10,000 members from 2 dozen chapters of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association. All of them are free for everyone to enjoy. It is a true feat of community connection and collaboration, and an example of what regular old people can accomplish with rakes and shovels (and a few mini excavators!).

Madbush Falls is a celebration of this amazing outdoor community, and it’s the ideal launchpad into our collective playground.   Whether you’re a life-long rider or you’ve never left the pavement, Madbush Falls is your launchpad for Vermont riding, skiing and adventures of all kinds. Check out our roomsour menuour gear shop, and please come visit us!



We dreamed of creating the ultimate riding resource in Vermont. Then we found the dream property.

Dozens of local Vermonters came together to make Madbush Falls happen: builders, craftsmen, investors, culinary and hospitality professionals, and riders.



It all started on our founder’s couch in October 2020. Jonny Adler, a Vermonter for over 2 decades, brainstormed what the perfect hub for Vermont riding might look like. After 6 months of workshopping the concept with other local riders, a property search began in earnest. Over a year later, in November 2021, Jonny closed on the old Madbush Alpine Chalet: an exquisite (albeit overgrown) property with a waterfall and river running through it and a classic old motel falling into the ground after being vacant for over 20 years.

Madbush Falls has the signature of so many talented Vermonters on it. Metal work, woodwork, artwork, landscaping and interior design done by Vermonters, featuring Vermont materials. The Outdoor Gear Exchange brings technical expertise and a mission to make the outdoors approachable for everyone. The trails out our door are community-built and maintained by the small but strong Mad River Riders. Our culinary team, led by born-and-bred Vermonters, celebrate Vermont daily with their creations and support local purveyors. We’re so excited to share it with you!

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